Combs will keep recruiting to KU

When Charlie Weis arrived at Kansas he said they would target junior college players. At the time Weis probably didn't have any idea he and his staff might be putting together the best junior college class in the nation.
On Tuesday night the most highly recruited junior college prospect on the board picked the Jayhawks. At 11:14 p.m. central time Marquel Combs sent his college plans out on Twitter.
Over the last couple of weeks Combs has been contacting several other junior college recruits around the nation and recruiting them to be part of what he has labeled "The Dream Team".
"The Dream Team is something I started and it is something I am proud of," he said. "Now we are going after Rodriguez Coleman and Kevin Short. I have been talking to Matt Finnin and Josiah St.John. We aren't done yet."
At one point the Dream Team was just a whisper. But now it has been picking up steam and Combs said it isn't a joke.
"This is what a lot of us have been talking about," Combs said. "It isn't just junior college players. It is high school recruits and walk-ons. It is about going in with the right attitude."
Combs picked up his 50th scholarship offer last week. He narrowed his final two down to Kansas and Kansas State before announcing for the Jayhawks. Combs said he tried to reach Kansas State assistant Mo Latimore on Tuesday. He ended up leaving him a message to return his call.
In an interview two weeks ago Combs said he kept hearing about Kansas every morning from his close friend Marcus Jenkins-Moore. Combs joked that Jenkins-Moore was doing his part to attract him to Kansas.
"I haven't even had a chance to talk with Marcus tonight but he knew what I was doing," Combs said. "I told him a couple days ago. He jumped all over me."
Combs said his family was happy with his decision. He listened to what they had to say after getting a visit from Weis.
"In the end it was my decision," he said. "They were happy but it was my call. I'm happy and so were they."
Kansas assistant Jeff Blasko set out last spring to recruit Combs and Jenkins-Moore at Pierce College. The Jayhawks offered early and got in the picture. Combs said Weis and Blasko were excited to hear the news of his decision to attend Kansas.
Combs insists his work as a recruiter isn't complete.
"I'm excited and I love my decision," he said. "Now I just want to be a good recruiter for KU and keep the talent coming in. We are going to compete for a championship. Now we need to keep getting good players and all the support from everyone."
This week the Jayhawks also picked up commitments from Isaiah Johnson and Cassius Sendish. Combs said those were two of the players he has been talking to along with Samson Faifili.
Combs said he will sign his letter of intent with Kansas next Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. at Pierce.
The message from Combs
Combs has been talking with a large group of talented group prospects about attending the same school. He said the logo of the Dream Team they have been passing around is something he created. He forwarded the logo that has become the symbol of the Dream Team and wanted to release it.